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Refrigerator Parts that Often Fail

A refrigerator is an essential appliance whose use goes beyond keeping your food fresh. It keeps the family healthy and helps build strong and happy relationships. There is always something in the fridge to celebrate a happy moment or cheer them up when depressed.


At Multi Appliance, we understand the importance of your fridge, and that’s why we offer reliable and professional refrigerator repair services. Whether you have a new or older fridge, taking care of it is one way of securing your family’s happiness and health. These are some of the refrigerator parts that often fail.

1.  Thermistor

A thermistor’s resistance depends on temperature. Your fridge uses this principle to regulate internal temperatures. So, when the thermistor fails, your fridge will not maintain the right temperature. It will either not cool or freeze your food.

2.  Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan draws air through the condenser coils and the compressor for temperature regulation. A broken condenser fan motor compromises your refrigerator’s cooling ability and causes noise.

Sometimes it may be debris caught up in the condenser fan making the noise. Call your home appliance repair services to replace the condenser fan motor if there is no loose debris.

3.  Evaporator Fan Motor

This fan circulates air throughout your fridge, keeping it cool. If you notice that your freezer is working correctly, but your fridge is not cooling, the evaporator fan may be faulty. It may also make your fridge louder, especially when the door is open. If you experience this, call refrigerator repair services to check the evaporator fan motor.

4.  Water Inlet Valve

Signs of a broken water inlet valve include:


  • Fridge leakage
  • Ice maker not working
  • Dispenser not working


Your fridge’s water inlet valve is loosely screwed to the supply line or punctured. The valve is not usually replaceable, and you may need to call fridge repair services to replace it.


Professional Refrigerator Repair

When you take care of your fridge, you take care of your family’s health and happiness. It is best to engage professional repair services when your fridge stops working correctly. Contact us for professional residential and commercial refrigerator repair services.